Lovechild Typeface

This typeface was spawned from a project where I had to make a type specimen poster for my most
hated typeface, Curlz. The only solution I could come up with to make the poster look good was to
avoid using Curlz in its regular form. So I cut up all of the pieces and used Gotham as a guide for
the new letters. Letterpress printed with silver ink on black Fabriano paper.

Personal Identity


Pastosa Ravioli Co.


Native Coffee Roasters Brand Film


Pasta Typography Poster


Native Coffee Roasters


Dr. Seuss Poster


Gogol Book Set




SVA Motion Graphics Show Posters


Coney Island Typography Book


No One Belongs Here More Than You


Vanity Fair Style Frames


Pardon My French Clarendon


La Vie Bohème


Lovechild Typeface